Klein Tools Digital Circuit Breaker Finder / So Easy To Use

Brendan Lamothe

Key Takeaways

  • Klein's digital circuit finder is accurate and easy to use.
  • The device includes a built-in transmitter that also functions as an outlet tester.
  • It comes with a battery and offers durable performance.

The Power Dilemma In Shared Buildings

Have you ever faced a situation where you need to kill the power, but can't shut all the breakers off because there are other people in the building? Sometimes, the panel isn't labeled correctly, and you're worried about flipping the wrong breaker and disrupting someone who needs power.

Klein’s Digital Circuit Finder offers a solution for these challenges. This device stands out for its accuracy and ease of use. The transmitter can also serve as a regular outlet tester, capable of checking GFCI circuits, detecting open grounds, and identifying open neutrals.

To use the device, plug the transmitter into an outlet. The receiver, powered by a 9-volt battery provided by Klein, is then used to identify the correct breaker. Follow these steps:

  1. Plug in the transmitter.
  2. Turn on the receiver.
  3. Slowly move the receiver down the breakers.
  4. The beeping will increase as you approach the correct breaker.
  5. When the correct breaker is found, the green light will turn to flashing red.

After identifying a circuit, you must reset the device before finding another breaker. This ensures continuous accuracy during multiple tests.

Klein’s circuit finder also has additional optional accessories, such as three-prong socket adapters and clips. These aren't included in the main package but can be purchased separately.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Functionality: Tests outlets and GFCI circuits.
  • Built-In Transmitter: Powers directly from the outlet.
  • Impact Resistant: Durable up to about two meters.
  • Auto Shutoff: Battery-saving feature.

Klein’s digital circuit finder is designed to make power identification quick and reliable, removing the guesswork and reducing the inconvenience for those in shared buildings.

Klein's Digital Circuit Finder Overview

Klein's Digital Circuit Finder offers a practical solution for identifying circuits without shutting off the entire power supply. The device consists of a transmitter and a receiver, making it simple and efficient to locate the correct breaker.


  • Transmitter Functions:

    • Acts as a regular outlet tester.
    • Tests GFCI circuits.
    • Identifies open ground and neutral issues.
    • Built-in transmitter for circuit identification.
  • Receiver:

    • Requires a 9-volt battery (included with the product).
    • Easy-to-use interface with visual and audio indicators.
    • Beeps and flashes green near the correct circuit, then flashes red on confirmation.

Advantages of Klein's Circuit Finder:

  • Highly accurate and user-friendly.
  • Durable and impact-resistant up to two meters.
  • Automatic shutoff to conserve battery life.
  • Comprehensive indicator system for easier identification.

Optional Accessories:

  • Three-prong socket adapter.
  • Clip adapters for connecting to various outlets.

Despite its effectiveness, the optional accessories are not included in the standard package. This necessitates separate purchases for a more comprehensive toolkit.

Using the Klein Digital Circuit Finder

The Klein Digital Circuit Finder is effective for identifying the correct circuit when you need to cut power in a shared building. The kit includes a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter, which acts as an outlet tester, checks for GFCI circuits, open grounds, and open neutrals.

Steps to Use the Klein Digital Circuit Finder:

  1. Plug in the Transmitter: Insert the transmitter into the outlet you need to test.
  2. Activate the Receiver: Turn on the receiver using the button; it will start beeping and show a green light.
  3. Scan the Breaker Panel: Slowly move down the breakers. As you approach the correct breaker, the beeping frequency and green flashing will increase.
  4. Identify the Breaker: When you reach the correct breaker, the device will flash red.
  5. Reset for Next Circuit: Turn off the receiver, then turn it back on to clear the previous circuit, allowing you to start fresh for the next one.

Additional Features:

  • Battery: The receiver is powered by a 9-volt battery, provided by Klein.
  • Compatibility: The device includes its own built-in transmitter, making it incompatible with other Klein plug-in testers.
  • Durability: Impact-resistant up to two meters, ensuring it can withstand drops.

Optional Accessories (Sold Separately):

  • Three-prong socket adapter
  • Clip adapters for wires

Advantages Over Other Circuit Finders

Unlike older models, the Klein Digital Circuit Finder offers improved accuracy and ease of use, allowing confident identification of circuits. The unit's robust build and thoughtful features make it a reliable tool, significantly better than older, more finicky models.

Resetting the Device

To reset the Klein digital circuit finder, simply turn it off and then back on. This clears its memory, allowing you to find another breaker accurately. Klein advises resetting the device after every use to ensure reliable readings.

The receiver has a built-in transmitter, powered directly from the outlet. The receiver uses a 9-volt battery, included by Klein, which can be easily replaced by removing the handle screw. The battery should last a reasonable duration depending on usage.

Steps to Reset:

  1. Turn off the receiver: Press the power button to switch it off.
  2. Turn it back on: Press the power button again to restart.
  3. Ready for next use: The device is now reset and ready to locate another circuit breaker.

Ensure the device is reset each time to maintain its accuracy and avoid any confusion during your project.

Additional Accessories

Socket Adapters for Light Circuits

The Klein digital circuit finder has an optional socket adapter available. This adapter allows you to test circuits from lights that don’t have any outlets. It has a three-prong design to match the three-prong transmitter of the Klein device, making it convenient for various light circuits.

Optional Clips

You can also get optional clips that come with a three-prong configuration. These clips are useful for attaching wires directly. Though they are sold separately, having them as part of the toolkit provides versatility for different testing scenarios.

Product Packaging Feedback


  • The Klein digital circuit finder is reliable and accurate.
  • Comes with a built-in transmitter.
  • Functions as a regular outlet tester for GFCI circuits.
  • The receiver is powered by an included 9-volt battery.
  • Impact-resistant up to two meters.
  • Klein includes batteries in their packaging.


  • Accessories like socket adapters and clips are sold separately.
  • Doesn't include a case to keep all components together.
  • Limited to 110-120 circuits, not suitable for 220.
  • Older models of other brands are less reliable and have issues such as fidgety operation and poor auto shutoff.

User Experience:

  1. Plug in the transmitter.
  2. Turn on the receiver; the beeping and green light will guide you.
  3. As you approach the correct breaker, the beeping rate increases, and the green light starts to flash.
  4. Once at the correct breaker, the light turns red, confirming the location.
  5. Reset the unit after identifying each breaker.

Electrical Specifications

Power Source:

  • Transmitter: Powered by plugging into an outlet
  • Receiver: Includes a 9V battery (provided by Klein)

Operational Voltage:

  • Suitable for 110-120V circuits only
  • Not compatible with 220V circuits

Impact Resistance:

  • Can withstand drops from up to 2 meters

Additional Features:

  • Can also function as a regular outlet tester, detecting open ground, open neutral, etc.
  • Includes auto shutoff to save battery life when not in use
  • Easy-to-read indicator lights for circuit detection and GFCI testing


  • Optional socket adapters and clip adapters available separately
  • Three-prong socket adapter for grounding
  • Additional clips for light fixtures and circuits without outlets

Durability & Build Quality:

  • Impact resistant to withstand drops and rough handling
  • Includes a Phillips head screw for easy battery compartment access


  • Designed for easy operation with clear visual and audio indications
  • Requires resetting after each circuit search to ensure accuracy

Employing these features ensures you can handle your electrical tasks with Kleins' digital circuit finder effectively and efficiently.

Durability and Impact Resistance

This digital circuit finder is built to last. It's designed to withstand falls from up to two meters without damage. You can drop it, and it will continue to function normally.

Materials Used:

  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Reinforced edges

Impact Resistance Features:

  • It doesn't scratch easily even when subjected to harsh conditions.
  • The receiver's housing is robust, protecting the internal components.

Overall, the durability ensures that it can handle the rigors of daily use in various environments. Whether you're working in tight spaces or busy locations, you can count on it to perform reliably.

Comparison With Another Circuit Finder

Amp Probe Circuit Finder Limitations

The Amp Probe Circuit Finder has several notable limitations. One issue is its auto shutoff functionality. The device tends to turn on even when it’s not in use, resulting in a dead battery whenever you need it. Another point of concern is its brittle plastic build, which feels prone to breaking if dropped. The plug-in tester comes with only a basic two-prong connection and lacks additional features like an outlet tester, offering just a small red light to indicate power flow.

Differences in Functionality

Klein's Digital Circuit Finder and Amp Probe differ significantly in their functionalities. Klein's tool includes a GFCI tester and acts as a regular outlet tester, checking for open ground, open neutral, and other common outlet issues. In contrast, Amp Probe's device focuses solely on circuit finding without providing these additional diagnostic capabilities. Klein’s model also signals more accurately when you're near the correct breaker by increasing beeping and flashing green before turning red.

Build Quality and Design

When it comes to build quality and design, Klein's circuit finder stands out. Its design is more robust and feels impact-resistant up to two meters, making it durable for frequent use in various environments. On the other hand, Amp Probe’s device feels brittle and less sturdy. Plus, the Klein model comes with a conveniently accessible nine-volt battery, whereas the Amp Probe circuit finder has persistent issues with its battery life due to the problematic auto shutoff feature.

User Experience Issues

User experience markedly favors Klein’s circuit finder. Klein's model is easy to reset and use after each circuit found, enhancing the overall user experience. The Amp Probe circuit finder, though, is often described as fidgety and unreliable, frequently needing resets and offering inconsistent performance. This can make the task of finding the correct circuit breaker more tedious and frustrating for users compared to the smoother experience provided by Klein's model.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

By using Klein's new digital circuit finder, you can easily identify the correct breaker without disrupting others. The device is highly accurate and straightforward to use, outperforming older models significantly. Purchasing the optional accessories, such as the socket adapters and clips, would enhance its functionality, making it a more versatile tool for various situations.

Key Features:

  • Dual-purpose transmitter: Functions as a circuit finder and an outlet tester.
  • Beeping and flashing indicators: Helps you pinpoint the circuit quickly.
  • Built-in power source: The transmitter draws power from the outlet.
  • Battery included: Comes with a 9-volt battery for the receiver.
  • Impact resistant: Withstands drops of up to two meters.


  • 110-120V circuits only: Not suitable for 220V circuits.
  • Optional accessories: Adapters and clips not included in the standard package.

Having the Klein circuit finder will simplify your troubleshooting tasks, ensuring you're confident in your electrical work. Klein's commitment to providing batteries and building resilient tools showcases their attention to customer needs.