60 Mapper Expansion Kit

Luke Begley

Our Key Takeaways

  • Streamline power mapping in homes and commercial spaces with our comprehensive plug mapper kit.
  • Easily identify circuits with integration of the Circuit iQ app.
  • Store and transport mappers securely with the included durable job site case.

Essential Features of the Circuit Mapping Toolkit

The 60-plug Circuit Mapping Kit, complete with a specialized case, is your trusted companion for conducting power layout assessments in residential spaces or augmenting your power mapping resources for larger commercial environments. By integrating a mapper into each socket, you can swiftly pinpoint the specific electrical panel and circuit linked to each outlet when using the accompanying Circuit IQ application.

Your kit is thoughtfully packaged within a durable carrying case curated to withstand the wear and tear of on-site demands. This robust enclosure ensures the preservation and organization of your mappers, providing reliable protection and ease of transport during usage.

Utility of the 60-Plug Power Mapping Kit for Residential Spaces

The 60-Plug Power Mapping Kit, complete with a robust case, is an essential tool for efficiently conducting electrical power mapping in residential homes or as an additional resource for more extensive commercial premises. It is designed to aid you in swiftly determining which circuit breaker associates with each outlet. How the system works is straightforward: insert a mapping plug into each electrical outlet and utilize the accompanying Circuit IQ app to pinpoint the breaker panel and circuit linked to each plug. The durable carrying case ensures that your mapping plugs are organized and protected, catering perfectly to the rigorous demands of a construction site environment.

  • Kit Components: A set of 60 mapping plugs and a protective carrying case.
  • Primary Use: Power mapping in small-to-medium-sized houses.
  • Expansion: Acts as an extra module to increase coverage for larger commercial spaces.
  • Convenience: Quickly identifies the panel and circuit for each device with the Circuit IQ app.
  • Protection: Case tailored for construction sites to safeguard mappers.

Enhancing Power Mapping in Large Facilities

Your 60 plug power mapping kit is the ideal solution for conducting comprehensive electrical audits in small to medium residences. When dealing with more spacious commercial environments, this same kit efficiently serves as an add-on, broadening your power mapping reach. By inserting a power mapper into each socket and integrating it with the Circuit IQ application, you can swiftly pinpoint the exact electrical panel and circuit associated with every outlet.

The kit is delivered with a durable case, designed specifically with the rough conditions of a worksite in mind. This ensures the protection of your power mappers during transport and use. Here's a breakdown of the key components and benefits:

  • Quantity: 60 plug mappers for extensive coverage.
  • Integration: Seamless pairing with the Circuit IQ app for quick identification.
  • Protection: Rugged carrying case preserving the kit amidst job site rigors.

This system not only streamlines your workflow but also significantly reduces the time spent on figuring out circuit connections, allowing for a more efficient power mapping process in larger-scale operations.

Integration of Circuit Intelligence Application

Your 60 plug set, complete with a durable case, is an indispensable tool for power mapping residential or smaller commercial properties. When dealing with larger spaces, this kit acts as an additional module to bolster your mapping endeavors. Each plug, once inserted into an outlet, swiftly pinpoints the corresponding panel and circuit through synchronization with the Circuit Intelligence Application. The entire set is delivered with a rugged case tailored for field conditions, ensuring the secure transport and storage of your equipment.

  • Kit Contents:

    • 60 power mappers
    • Job site-ready protective case
  • Usage:

    • Ideal for mapping entire small to medium-sized houses
    • Expansion capability for larger commercial locations
  • Application Compatibility:

    • Works seamlessly with the Circuit Intelligence Application to identify specific panels and circuits efficiently

By utilizing this combination, you can significantly streamline the process of electrical mapping, safeguarding accuracy and saving time on-site.

Protective Carrying Case Characteristics

The kit you'll utilize for power mapping tasks, suitable for small to medium residences or as an enhancer for mapping large commercial spaces, includes a 60-plug mapper. Each mapper can be inserted into an electrical outlet, and when utilized alongside the Circuit IQ application, they swiftly pinpoint both the panel and circuit linked to each device from your set.

Your equipment arrives with a specially designed carrying case that's built to withstand the rough conditions of work sites. This case is not just a means of transport but also ensures that your mappers remain secure and undamaged amidst the daily hustle and bustle of construction environments. Keep in mind that this durability and functionality are critical to maintaining the integrity of your mappers when moving from job to job.