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Our Key Takeaways

  • Attachable holders secure circuit directories to electrical panels for immediate access.
  • Custom-sized envelopes preserve the clarity and integrity of your circuit information.
  • Enhancing both function and form, these solutions provide lasting protection.

Detailed Guide on Circuit IQ Directory Containers

Function of Directory Containers

You can enhance the organization of your electrical panels by utilizing a pack of ten directory containers specifically designed for Circuit IQ-generated circuit directories. As adhesive-backed pouches, these containers allow you to securely attach your folded panel chart, ensuring effortless reference and retrieval when needed.

Construction and Characteristics

These directory holders are crafted with precision to accommodate a folded circuit chart snugly. The design serves not only to streamline the appearance of your electrical panel but also to shield your circuit identification card from potential harm. The utilization of these holders will ultimately contribute to the extended preservation of your circuit labeling’s clarity and durability.

  • Size: Precision-fit for folded circuit directories
  • Adhesion: Equipped with a sticky backing for easy application
  • Protection: Shields against damage and wear
  • Aesthetics: Provides a professional appearance to electrical panels

By choosing these directory holders, you guarantee that your circuit identifiers remain legible and intact for an extended period.

Mounting Your Directory Holder

Attaching Self-Adhesive Envelope Pockets

  • Product Contents:

    Quantity Item
    10 Self-adhesive Directory Pouch
  • Size: Designed to perfectly accommodate a neatly folded electrical panel chart.

  • Protection: Fortifies your index card against potential wear and tear, enhancing durability.

  • Appearance: Provides a professional look while safeguarding your labeling system.


  1. Clean the surface where the holder will be placed to ensure it's free of dust and oil.
  2. Peel off the backing to reveal the adhesive.
  3. Firmly press the envelope onto the desired spot on the electrical panel for secure attachment.
  4. Insert your folded circuit chart into the pouch for an organized and protected display.

Ensuring Proper Fit and Protection for Electrical Panel Directories

Ensuring Your Circuit Directory Fits

  • Size Compatibility: The adhesive-backed envelopes are designed to snugly accommodate a folded electrical panel chart.

  • Protection Offered: Each envelope serves as a shield to prevent damage and wear to your circuit identification card, effectively extending its usable life.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: By encompassing your circuit directory, these holders not only offer protection but also maintain a professional appearance for your electrical panel.

Feature Description
Adhesive Backing Ensures easy attachment to the electrical panel without the need for additional tools or hardware.
Custom Fit Precisely crafted to house a standard folded circuit directory, ensuring a secure fit.
Durability Crafted from materials that withstand common forms of abrasion and damage to safeguard your circuit identifiers.

Ensuring Durability and Extended Use

Guarding Against Harm

By opting for a set of 10 directory holders designed for your circuit identification system, you ensure that these crucial navigational aids are not exposed to potential damage. The specialized adhesive-backed pouches are cut precisely to accommodate and secure a folded circuit directory, also known as a panel chart.

  • Material: The holders are designed with durable materials to resist tearing and environmental factors.
  • Adhesion: Quality adhesive ensures that once placed, the holder remains affixed to the electrical panel.

Minimizing Wear-and-Tear

The directory holders are more than just a storage solution; they play a vital role in preserving the legibility and integrity of your circuit identifiers by preventing scratches and wear over time.

  • Surface Protection: Sturdy holder materials protect the circuit directory from frequent handling.
  • Visibility: Clear front panels allow for easy reading while offering a layer of protection against regular abrasion.

Visual Quality

Holder Presentation

  • Dimensions: Tailored to snuggly encase a folded circuit list, also known as a panel chart.
  • Material: Adhesive-backed envelopes for secure placement.


  • Protection: Shields your reference card from potential harm and surface wear.
  • Maintenance: Enhances the durability of your electrical panel labels.
Feature Description
Adhesive Backing For simple application to electrical panels.
Fit Sized for ideal compatibility with a folded circuit directory
Appearance Professional look that complements the panel's design.


Strengthening Circuit Label Longevity

Invest in a set of 10 directory holders to secure your Circuit IQ generated directory to your electrical panel. These self-adhesive pouches are designed to accommodate a neatly folded circuit directory, commonly known as a panel chart.

  • Protection: They provide a shield for your directory card against various forms of wear, ensuring your circuit identifiers remain legible over time.
  • Design: Not only functional, these holders boast an aesthetic appeal that complements your electrical setup.
  • Durability: By using these holders, the lifespan of your circuit labels is significantly enhanced as they are safeguarded from potential damage and abrasion.

Whether you are looking to maintain clarity in identifying circuits or wishing to preserve the condition of your electrical panel’s directory, these holders are a reliable solution.