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A: Traditional circuit tracers are great for pinpointing individual outlets, but they're time-consuming when mapping an entire building's wiring. CircuitIQ lets you map multiple circuits simultaneously using mappers, streamlining large projects and saving you significant time.  Plus, our app keeps all the data organized, reducing risk of error and making maintenance easier.

A: Circuit IQ's core mapping features work without real-time signal connection. Devices sync the data to the app when your get closer to them. Map any distance with confidence your results will be accurate.

A: No Internet Req'd. CircuitIQ's core mapping features work offline. You can sync the data to the app later for full functionality. We’ve thought of that.

A: Circuit IQ leverages two key components:

  • Plug-in Dongles: Our specially designed dongles communicate wirelessly with the CircuitIQ app. Simply insert these dongles into outlets throughout the property, and they'll automatically detect which circuits they're connected to.
  • Circuit IQ App: This app is your electrical mapping control center. It walks you through the process step-by-step, gathers and organizes the information from the dongles, and provides powerful tools like label generation and panel directory generator.

A: Become the go-to electrical expert with CircuitIQ services:

  1. Offer unmatched electrical system insights.
  2. Pinpoint problem areas swiftly, reducing downtime for repairs.
  3. Identify overloaded circuits and opportunities for improved energy efficiency.
  4. Streamline electrical troubleshooting and maintenance.
  5. Work faster and more efficiently. 
  6. Find additional billable work.
  7. Deliver enhanced customer service.
  8. Grow your business reputation.

A: Absolutely! CircuitIQ's speed and accuracy let you offer more competitive pricing on large jobs. Plus, the professional labeling and documentation impress clients.

A: Circuit IQ is designed to be intuitive.  The core system is plug-and-play, and the app uses clear visual cues.  Plus, we offer video tutorials to help you get the most out of the system.

A: Contact us today for a demo or to learn more about pricing!

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Auto-print Switch Labels

Trace, identify and generate labels for every switch.

Auto-print Outlet Labels

Trace, identify and generate labels for every outlet.

Auto-print Panels Labels

Measure, space and custom generate labels to fit any panel.

Auto-print Circuit Directory

Collect, organize and generate perfect editable panel directories.


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